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Amy Kalokerinos

Known throughout the start-up world as “AK-47,” Amy Kalokerinos is a hired gun frequently brought in by entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and investors to accelerate product development, sales, marketing, business development, and cross-border strategic optimization.


Early Career

 Amy began her career in IBM where she spearheaded the product development and launch of IBM’s most successful software product to date. Following her senior sales roles at Buddy Media and Salesforce, she became Vice President at the premier branding and digital media agency  DigitasLBi. There, Amy built out the global strategic alliances program leveraged to service DLBi’s largest clients with innovative solutions via tech companies large and small.

Andreessen Horowitz

The then $7 billion venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz who started as one of Amy’s strategic partners, hired Amy to build out their east coast and European operations, expanding international growth and optimization for the a16z portfolio. With one other seasoned partner, they successfully launched the a16z executive briefing center in NYC. Here entrepreneurs gained access to broad expertise to accelerate their business. Hosting over 200 executive briefings every year with the Fortune 500, Amy has a unique perspective on what makes start-ups successful.



Amy founded Akalaid with the aim of leveraging her industry knowledge and unrivaled rolodex to aid ambitious startups. She is especially passionate about helping those who might not get the help they need and bringing affordable services to VC's to support their portfolios. Through Akalaid, Amy's gets to help Founders realize their dreams and be apart of the magic


Martyn Jobber

Martyn Jobber's career is all about growth hacking. At the heart of his approach is an obsession with the effective use of data to drive revenue. From the basics of market mapping or brand positioning to building the ever critical go-to-market strategy, Martyn likes results he can measure. 


Sell Side

As one of the original members of Omniture in EMEA, Martyn was part of the core management team who scaled the business leading to the $1.8 billion dollar sale to Adobe. Having to build the EMEA team from scratch, he's experienced first hand all the processes and operations needed to run an effective business across Europe. Martyn is proud Omniture is still a large part of Adobes market dominance today and that it's credited with putting Utah on the startup map with it's "Silicon Slopes" nickname


Buy Side

Following Adobe, Martyn joined the leadership team of Lebara, a global telecommunications company with the remit to drive online sales. Martyn lead the digital innovation team building the brand into a multi-platform digital experience by releasing a suite of products based on customer feedback. In just four short years, they increased their revenue significantly and built the business to 2.5M subscribers. 


Martyn then got involved with TechStars early on mentoring early stage startups where he started getting hired for fractional work. Loving the flexibility and getting to work on so many different companies is where he ultimately came across Akalaid


Having been on the journey before, Martyn brings an empathic approach to building new businesses with fast moving targets. He finds joy in putting winning processes and teams together and watching them succeed

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