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Better Decisions
Made Faster

"Akalaid was instrumental in establishing a formal sales process and forcing an implementation of our CRM for visibility. They quickly saw holes that needed to be filled to drive better results. Akalaid brings energy, authenticity, and experience – all of which are essential to an effective sales process” 

Jacob Babcock

 CEO NuCurrent

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"We engaged Akalaid to help us with all aspects of our business, from vetting a new product concept to optimizing our day-to-day operations. Given the depth of their knowledge and experience, they quickly became trusted advisors. They were our strongest supporters and challenged us with tough love when needed. You need that as a start-up"

Jennifer Axmacher

Chief Strategy Officer & President, Enspira


Step #1: 
The Assessment

It all begins with the Pitch. It's often underestimated how much the pitch and its design can make or break a second meeting. Being Founders ourselves, we know when you live and breathe your business getting an outside view on how it reads is critical. Let us help you nail your pitch.

We conduct a thorough diagnostic on your business via your pitch and provide documented feedback on what is strong, what needs improvement, and what is missing. We also include best practices you can use over and over again to make you and your team pitch perfect. 

Step #2 & 3
Validate and Build



  • Once we've validated your narrative and how we need to pitch the market we dig into the current needs of the business in order for it to grow 

  • We look at your current activities in sales, marketing, and your go to market strategy (if you have one)

  • We review your pricing model and how you've productized your offerings

  • We assess how we are going to beat the compeition 



  • Once we've validated all you need, we start to build

  • Implement or overhaul your CRM

  • Start sales training

  • Run weekly sales calls

  • Hire sales and marketing professionals when needed 

  • Deck & website revamp

  • Strategies on deal progression

  • Receive help with contract negotiations best practices

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