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About AKalaid's Founder

Known throughout the start-up world as “AK-47,” Amy Kalokerinos is a hired gun frequently brought in by entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and investors to accelerate product development, sales, marketing, business development, and cross-border strategic optimization.


Early Career


Amy began her career in IBM where she spearheaded the product development and launch of IBM’s most successful software product to date. Following her senior sales roles at Buddy Media and Salesforce, she became Vice President at the premier branding and digital media agency  DigitasLBi. There, Amy built out the global strategic alliances program leveraged to service DLBi’s Fortune 500 clients with innovative solutions from tech companies large and small.

Andreessen Horowitz


The $7 billion venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz who started as one of Amy’s strategic partners, hired Amy to lead east coast and European operations, international growth and optimization for the a16z portfolio. With one other seasoned partner, they successfully launched the a16z executive briefing center in NYC. Here entrepreneurs gained access to broad expertise to accelerate their business. Hosting over 200 executive briefings every year with the Fortune 500 and Global 2000, Amy has a unique perspective on what makes start-ups successful. There Amy found her passion for helping brilliant entrepreneurial teams from top-caliber young companies like Buzzfeed, Slack, and Github excel.




Amy recently launched AKalAid with the aim of leveraging her immense industry knowledge and unrivaled rolodex to aid and support ambitious Start-Ups and VC’s/PE’s. Through, AKalAid, Amy provides the inside track that puts her clients on the fast-track to success.


Mark Cranney, CCO SignalFx

(Former Operating Partner of Andreessen Horowitz)

“I recruited Amy (AK-47) Kalokerinos into Andreessen Horowitz because she was the best sales executive I had come across that had experience working in both the consumer and enterprise markets. She was highly impactful helping our portfolio company executives on all topics regarding Go-To-Market strategy. Amy’s rolodex and network in the US and in Europe was also extremely effective. AK-47 has my highest recommendation"

Dan Sincavage, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Tenfold

“Amy has an innate ability to understand the complex needs of enterprise organizations, mapping them to innovate technologies and teams that can deliver real value. She is thoughtful and direct in her feedback. Amy holds herself and the companies she brings to the table to an incredibly high standard. This leads to highly engaging and productive sessions with startup companies and corporations who know what to expect when they work with her" 

Nick Mulholland, Co-Founder of Vernon Francois & Chairman of the Sarabande Foundation

"Most of the so-called experts lack the talent, connectivity, and experience to add any value to start-ups or businesses going through challenging times.  The wrong consultant can be a very costly mistake.  Having been let down on a number of occasions I was introduced to Amy.  From the moment I met her, I knew I was in the presence of someone in a totally different league. From day one she added value to our business as before she even walked into the room she’d researched our target audience and she arrived with well thought through ideas about how we could push the business forward. She delivered more value to my business in an hour than most did in months. She has become an invaluable sounding board and advisor to us. She genuinely cares about our business."

What They Say

Michel Feaster, Co-Founder & CEO of Usermind


"Usermind is a complex platform that solves several ongoing challenges for large organizations that not everyone understands. Amy was one of the few partners who really understood our business. She became the person who validated our model in meetings, who made us think about partners we might not have considered, introduced us to some of our biggest accounts, and gave me some of my best speaking engagements to date. Amy has become an incredible extension to our team"

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